Efficient selling solutions – Find the right customers!

Find new customers by outsourcing marketing measures

Remember the customer iceberg: In most cases, there is much more potential within European markets then can be targeted from overseas. Our goal is to reach and convince those prospective buyers – especially from small and medium business – you usually do not reach with your current measures.


out of all attempts do not reach the right recipients.


out of all Mails from foreign suppliers end up unopened in spam-folders.


out of all first foreign offers do not pass the assistance.

What can effective subsidiary services do about it?

Simplify the first step for your prospective buyers

  • Make communication easy without language gap and time difference
  • Generate high confidence through local subsidiaries and local counterparts
  • Optimize the customer journey

Generate high quality leads

  • Consolidated research on company websites
  • Effective research in business-platforms and social media
  • Efficiently address prospective buyers
  • Get in touch with the right decision-makers

Turn prospective buyers into customers

  • Be aware of your prospective buyers mindset
  • Know B2B conventions, rules and legal pitfalls
  • Keep in touch without spamming
  • Follow up Campaigns
  • Enhance customer retention

How about your full potential?

We are sure, there are ways to develop your full potential as well – Let us discuss how to discover your unknown customers and how to get in touch with them!

Do not hesitate to send us a personal message on LinkedIn or contact us directly by e-mail at trentmann@export-help.com! We appreciate your ideas, comments and questions!