Overcome the language gap making acquisitions

We can optimize your communication with prospective buyers – Manage the challenge to reach your next customers!

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Compared to domestic markets, international trade connections require certain knowledge within several fields.

  • Legal regulations
  • Taxes
  • Export restrictions
  • Transport / Shipping
  • Customs duties

Once, a business relationship is established, all these points can be managed. The main problem – especially for manufactures from Asia – is to establish the connection to European SMCs and to get in touch! Making acquisitions in foreign country always goes along with many challenges.

Ease the first step for prospective buyers – Never underestimate the language gap!

Why is it rather difficult to reach decision makers from European SMC?

Approximately 99% out of all decision makers within SMC speak English more or less. That does NOT mean, they are willing or able to communicate in English or any other foreign language for their business!

  • Little or no trust into companies from foreign country, especially out of the EU
  • Afraid to make mistakes because of misunderstandings
  • Avoid import goods complexity
  • Feel insecure about new suppliers
  • Too little language skills
  • Avoid time-consuming research and translations

Most of all general managers and purchase managers do not have to communicate in a foreign language within daily doing – This lack of experience leads to uncertainness followed by want of confidence.

Your European target audience within SMC prefers the easy way!

Imagine …

… you were Mr. Chang, located in China.

A manufacturer who might be relevant for your core business would like to get in touch with you and sends you a message:


Guten Tag! Wollen Sie unser Produkt kaufen?

Good day – We offer … will you buy our products?

(Chinese … Good afternoon Mr. Chang, how are you? Have you had time to take a look at the catalogue we send you the day before?)


Who would you like to contact first?



Approaching new customers from SMC can be easy. An industrial representative can easily solve all of the problems to get in touch with prospective European buyers – Create high quality leads, significant increase customer service and increase sales.


How about your subsidiary in Germany?

Do not hesitate to send us a personal message on LinkedIn or contact us directly by e-mail at service@export-help.com – We appreciate your ideas, comments and questions!